Hope your Christmas has been Merry and Bright. I hope Santa spoiled you and you are enjoying time with those you love and care about. I know I have enjoyed my holiday thus far. I enjoyed being pampered. This time of year is my favorite time of year. As the year winds down, I reflect back on the year. I start thinking about what brought me to the moment I am in now. I have to say, you brought me here. Yes, you. You supported my creations of erotica for well over a decade now. I truly am thankful for that. I hope we continue such a relationship in 2017. I know I expressed this yesterday. But it must be repeated. Without your support, I couldn't continue producing videos. So, I do appreciate you. 

What did Santa bring you? Please, tell me in the comment. As I love hearing more about you!

Merry XXXmas!


Enjoy a few fun Christmas themed screen caps of one of my live cam shows.